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What's New?

Summer is officially here. Be sure to monitor soil moisture levels, especially for plants installed this spring. Deep watering less often is better than frequent shallow watering. Monitor your irrigation carefully as well.  Plants can die from over-watering as well as from drought.

Continue to check your property for mosquito breeding areas. They only need a tiny amount of standing water to reproduce, and will develop into adults in about 10 days. To help keep mosquitoes from breeding in your yard, empty any standing water from pots, drainpipes, tarps, trash cans, toys, tires, etc. once a week from May through October.

If you have been considering doing any hardscape projects, summer is an ideal time to get that done. Call us now to get started on a new walkway, patio, wall or other non-perishable addition to your garden!

Our talented designers can create a beautiful unique landscape designed just for you. From play yards to patios, from your own fresh vegetables or fruit trees to fabulous gardens for your family to enjoy together, our custom designs reflect our 32 years of experience and your good taste.

Our landscape construction crew's attention to detail will make your project shine. Then our landscape and lawn management professionals can free your time for other interests, while maintaining the value and beauty of your property.

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